Fundraising hits 80 percent of goal

LEWISTOWN – The United Way of Mifflin-Juniata has reached $481,465, or 80 percent, of its goal of $600,000 during the campaign that began on Sept. 19 and runs until March 15, 2013.

The Juniata County Library is one of the agencies that benefits from working with the United Way. Director Matt Godissart explains how partnering with the United Way has served the Juniata County Library:

“The Juniata County Library provides materials, programming and space to adults and children in Juniata County. Children’s programs include the story hour which is an interactive experience with reading and activities. Teen programs include Teen Book Club, Teen Advisory Group – TAG – and knitting group. Adults are offered various types of programs that include anything from computer training to flu clinics.

“The library also provides free internet service, teen space, reading space for adults and a children’s space for use at any time to our patrons. The Juniata County Library’s goal is to be a community space for Juniata County.

“Partnering with the United Way of Mifflin-Juniata has, for many years, helped to provide excellent opportunities to create an environment of lifelong learning at the Juniata County Library and is already helping us reach the goal of becoming a community space.

“The children who attend programming at the library have benefited from extended programming, materials and new opportunities for development with the United Way’s help. The children learn to foster a love for learning as well as gain social experiences through story time and other programs. Children and parents are also given opportunities to take their learning home, nurturing their interest in education in any environment.”