Committee talks about comprehensive plan

LEWISTOWN – The Mifflin County Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee met Monday at the Mifflin County Courthouse in Lewistown to discuss two chapters of the Comprehensive Plan, Land Use and Transportation plans.

Chapter 12 is titled Land Use Plan and its intent is to continue to promote community and economic development with Mifflin County’s strategic location between State College and Harrisburg.

The Land Use Plan provides a vision for Mifflin County’s growth and development. The Land Use Plan classified the largest portion of Mifflin County as agricultural and rural development area.

The goal of the Land Use Plan is to encourage sound land use and development practices in planned growth and planned conservation areas.

To complete said goal, the MCCPAC wants to encourage current planning that is locally relevant and consistent with county planning, strengthen Mifflin County’s subdivision and land development ordinance, assist in evaluation the impacts of proposed development on natural resources in planned growth areas and continue to utilize and manage Mifflin County’s natural resource production operations while minimizing the impacts to the local communities and their resources.

Chapter 16 is titled Transportation Plan and its goal is to achieve and sustain a complete, safe and efficient multimodal transportation system for Mifflin County.

To achieve this goal the MCCPAC will use the SEDA-Council of Governments MPO Long Range Transportation Plan and its four-year Transportation Improvement Program to pursue state and federal funding for eligible transportation improvement projects, continue to develop and enhance the county’s transportation planning services, expand bicycle and pedestrian travel facilities, support the planning efforts for the Mifflin County Airport Master Plan and strengthen the county and region’s ability to provide continued fail freight transportation services.