Reporter offers fall photography tips

I never claim to be a great photographer. I don’t even claim to BE A PHOTOGRAPHER! Often people think because of years at the newspaper I know what I am doing when I take photos.

I do have a decent camera I use for my freelancing, and I enjoy taking photos for fun.

A couple years ago one of my triplet daughters asked if we could go take photos of the fall foliage. We had a great time together walking through wooded pathways snapping close ups of individual leaves and canopies of golds and yellows.

Lily brought a smaller camera and I brought mine. We compared our photos and had them printed the next day. Lily still has the photos in a collage hanging in her room. Just recently she asked when we could do it again.

But I got to thinking: how many photos of leaves can one person take without it getting monotonous?

I went to Pinterest and did a search and found some great tips that I thought I would share with our JV Family readers. Today you don’t even need an actual camera. Your phone can do just as well!

Here are some my favorite tips I discovered:

Blowing in the wind

Take photos when the wind is blowing and capture the leaves spinning and hair blowing. If it’s not windy, plug in a fan! Keep snapping even if the pics appear blurry. Try your sports option on your camera. But sometimes a little blur makes it a cool photo!

Jump! Jump!

Rake those leaves in a pile and let the kids jump into them. Snap just as they are ready to jump. Don’t wait until they are already moving. Some delays in phones and cameras are too slow to capture that action right when you want it.

Prop a pumpkin

Pumpkins are always fun to see sitting among the leaves. Lay on your belly and try to capture the orange squash from that angle. Other great prop ideas include hot mugs of cider, apples in baskets, etc. Let the leaves be the setting and add the fun fall props – with or without people.

Fall framing

Whatever prop or person you use as a center piece, try making it a small center of reference among lots of trees covered in fall foliage. This gives the viewer a sense of how big the trees are and how majestic the scene is in reality. Also, try using the trees to “frame” your subject by letting the person stand beneath draping limbs of leaves. You can also have someone sit or stand in the middle of a roadway (do this with caution of course!). You can also do a “leaf angel” like a snow angel. Lay in the leaves with arms and legs moving to make an angel.

Swing style

Find a tire swing or attach a swing to a tree. Photos of simply the swing moving without a person is a cool image. However, having your child sit on the swing, legs in the air, head back and hair brushing the earth is also awesome.

Get corny

Leaves are not the only festive setting. Find yourself a corn field and stand among the stocks. There are so many fun poses you can do in the corn field – be creative. Another great farm prop is a haybale. Sit on them. Drape across them. Take photos of them in rows like lined up shredded wheat.

Foggy is fun

Go out on a chilly, foggy morning just as the fog is starting to lift and capture the true air of fall in tangible images. Take pics near a mountainside as the white clouds kiss the trees.

These tricks will make for a real treat if you and your family decide to venture outdoors for day of photo fun!


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