For the love of small town America

Some things disappear because something much better takes its place and there is just no need for it anymore.

For example, the first cell phones were about the size of a half-gallon of milk and cost nearly $4,000.

Imagine carrying that thing around checking your emails and texting. We’re glad we moved onto to the small little computers we can stuff in our back pockets and this is just one of a million examples of how growth and change and new ways of doing things can be wonderful.

But some things are timeless and beautiful just the way they are and one of those things is our small towns that add sparkle and life all across this great nation. Big cities are necessary and can be wonderful in their own way, but nothing is quite like a small town.

Walking into your local coffee shop and having the barista greet you by name and ask how your vacation was. Going to a small local pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions where they ask how you’re feeling and take time to listen to your concerns. Driving a couple miles out of the way to go to that quaint little hardware store where you can find some things you can’t anywhere else. Stopping by the wonderful little gift shops and artisan shops and buying that friend a hand made mug or homemade soaps or leather goods for their birthday instead of ordering something from Amazon. Getting that hair cut at the little local barbershop or hair salon where you can chat with your friends and catch up on the local “news.”

Supporting our small local businesses is not only incredibly important to our local economy it is so rewarding. You may be able to find something cheaper online or at a big chain store but the face to face customer service, the building of relationships and trust is priceless.

Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more to drive out in the country to the meat market and know where your meat is coming from. Or stop by the local farmer’s stand and get some fresh fruit and veggies or eggs and milk. It may be cheaper and more convenient to use big names for services but take the time to search out small local service providers and see for yourself what the difference is.

We may not take time to think about how important it is to support our local businesses and if we continue to ignore the importance of them, they may be gone and it may not be until they are that we realize just how much we love them!

I recently saw a sign outside of one of our small local shops that said, “Ghost towns happen when you don’t shop local.” And I am sure not one of us wants to live in a ghost town.

Already though many of America’s small towns have become just that. But we can change that, small towns are being brought back to life as people realize the beauty and importance of them.

Corporations have their place but there must be a balance. When small local places close, more and more people leave, and the ghost towns are all that are left. We cannot all live in big cities we need small towns with good people living in them sustaining themselves and those around them. The system will collapse, and freedoms will be lost if we start depending entirely on big corporations and government for everything.

Convenience comes with a greater cost than that of running to a few extra places. We can work together wherever we live to search out those good little local shops and service providers and we can keep our money close to home and support our friends and neighbors and keep our communities thriving. We can keep the American dream alive one small business at a time.


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