Pinterest brings out the sorority girl in me

Have you ever noticed how many sorority related crafts are on Pinterest? Beyond the millions of wedding photos, have you ever stumbled into the world of Greek life on the app? With the advent of social media, thousands of srat (It’s like frat, but for girls!) girls have flocked to the site to share their DIY creations. From canvases to coolers, there is an over abundance of ideas for girls to glean from when they need to craft for their next sorority event.

During my time in Alpha Rho Omega, I spent hundreds of dollars crafting for sisters and events. I’ve also been on the receiving end of dozens and dozens of crafts.

When you join Greek life, you’re given a Big who helps guide you through your new member process. She also spoils you rotten with crafts and other gifts during that first semester. Over the course of my process, my dorm room walls became engulfed in a sea of sorority-related crafts.

After I finished my new member process, I couldn’t wait for the following fall because it meant that it was my turn to be a Big. I spent the entire summer crafting for my Little, Zenna. I had a Pinterest board of hundreds of ideas, many of which came to fruition. By move-in day, I had an entire tote of crafts ready to go for her process.

Even as an alumna I still find myself turning to Pinterest for craft ideas. I most recently broke the paints out when my Little got Hattie as her Little, making me a Grand Big. And if I’m being honest, I’ll break them out again when I become a Great-Grand Big in a few weeks.

That’s the best part of crafting, I think. Giving them all away. Nothing made me happier or more proud than seeing Zenna’s face when she opened a bundle of canvases designed just for her.

Beyond crafting for my sorority family, Pinterest helped me creatively so many times during my tenure as social chairwoman my senior year. As social, it was my job to plan events, including homecoming and spring formal. Great Gatsby was the theme that I chose to carry out for formal. And thankfully, hundreds of pinners before me had the same idea.

I DIY’d most of the decorations for the event. I painted a giant banner that said “Drop it like F. Scott” for sisters and alumni to take pictures in front of. I covered balloons and bottles in glitter as centerpiece decorations. Hilariously enough, my roommate made the mistake of laying some of the bottles on my bed when she needed to reach something in the closet, leaving thousands of tiny glitter flakes throughout my comforter. I was finding glitter until graduation.

The largest project I undertook during my time in Alpha Rho was done with my pledge class. Together we created new wood letters for the house to carry around at events. We first went through dozens of ideas on Pinterest before finally settling on mirror letters.

With the help of my dad and his handsaw, we carved out three giant four-foot Greek letters — an A, P and O. Once they were carted back to campus, we set to painting them in our house’s colors — red, gold and purple, respectively. Following that, we started cutting up dozens of blank CDs. In a very patience-testing step, we started gluing them to the wood.

After hours of cutting and gluing, we finally finished the letters. They were massive and they reflected beautifully in the sunlight as they were carried around campus to all of the Greek life events.

Pinterest clearly brings out the sorority girl in me, but the joy that DIY brings me is worth the hundreds of dollars I’ve willingly paid to Michaels since I’ve pledged.