Local author publishes seventh novel

BELLEVILLE — Dallas Barnes, a former Lewistown police officer and veteran Los Angeles homicide detective, has just completed his seventh novel, “A Man in Heat.”

Barnes was born and raised in Mifflin County, and graduated from Chief Logan High School.

He discovered his love for writing early in life, and it was while serving with the LAPD that he penned his first novel, “See the Woman.” Rich with authenticity and drama only a cop could write, the book was purchased by New American Library-Signet. The publisher provided Barnes a nationwide tour, which quickly turned the book into a best seller.

In the years to follow, Barnes was to write a total of seven novels: “See the Woman,” “Badge of Honor,” “Yesterday is Dead,” “Deadly Justice,” “Freedom Dance,” “City of Passion,” and “A Man in Heat.”

His works have been nominated for the famed Edgar Allan Poe Award, as well as the Humanist Prize. He has been published in eight countries and three languages.

Fame as a novelist led to an invitation for Barnes to write for prime time television. Barnes wrote for 23 prime time network series, including “TJ Hooker,” “Hunter,” “Wonder Woman,” “Spiderman,” “The Silver Surfer,” and more.

Barnes adapted his novel, “City of Passion,” into a three-part NBC miniseries, and wrote “Terror Among Us,” a motion picture made for television. His writing found success, resulting in nominations for an Angel Award and Emmy nominations in both daytime and prime time programming.

Returning to his roots in Mifflin County, Barnes has continued to write.

“A Man in Heat,” published by CopWorld Press, can be ordered at CopWorld.com, or Amazon as an eBook. Major release fir bookstores and other print outlets is scheduled for June. Copies of Barnes’ other titles are also available through Amazon, or at http://www.lapdauthors.com/barnes.html.