Country memories

Coverlet depicts scenes in and around McVeytown

Sentinel photo by BUFFIE BOYER
The McVeytown Country Memories Day Committee recently reordered the McVeytown keepsake throws that were sold several years ago, and made them available for sale once again.

McVEYTOWN — The McVeytown Country Memories Day Committee recently reordered the McVeytown keepsake throws that were sold several years ago, and made them available for sale once again.

The colorful coverlets feature renderings of buildings and sites in and around the borough of McVeytown.

The cost of the coverlet is $60. To order, contact Faye Boaz at 899-7450, Carrol “Sis” Norton at 899-7290, or the McVeytown Borough Office at 899-6323.

The coverlet sale is a project of the Country Memories Day Committee, and the pictures and following descriptions of each picture are courtesy of Norton.

Joseph T. Rothrock

Dr. Joseph T. Rothrock was born in McVeytown in April 8, 1839, and died June 2, 1922. Rothrock was appointed the first Commissioner of Forestry in Pennsylvania under the Department of Agriculture in 1895, and the first head of the Department of Forestry when it was elevated to a cabinet post in 1901.

He loved the forests of the state, and his picture shows him with his left hand resting on a huge boulder in one of the state forests, his right hand gripping the barrel of a rifle, and his favorite dog at his heels.

Rothrock High School

In 1927, the McVeytown Oliver High School was constructed on North Queen Street in McVeytown. It was known by that name until 1950, when the name changed to Bratton-McVeytown-Oliver High School, and in 1956, the name was changed to Rothrock High School. The school was officially closed July 1, 1978.

Country Memories Day-Rothrock


The large stone for this memorial was taken from one of Pennsylvania’s hillsides exactly as nature formed it. The bronze plaque shows Dr. Joseph T. Rothrock in one of his favorite poses, and to this day, the people of McVeytown are proud that their rural community was the home of the Father of Forestry in Pennsylvania. The monument was dedicated Nov. 1, 1924. For the past 31 years, a lovely event has been held in McVeytown over the Memorial Day weekend known as Country Memories Day, and thousands of people visit the area for that special day.

McVeytown Station

The McVeytown Station that was built in 1870 from stone taken from the Mattawana quarries was a source of community pride. It reflected, to some extent, the architectural whimsies of the 19th century. The slate roof, cast iron cresting, overhanging eaves upheld by brackets, all add to its charm. Today, the hiss of old engines as they pulled out of the station is a thing of the past. The beautiful stone building that provided shelter for many waiting passengers on its sturdy benches is gone. It was sold and removed in1969.

Brookland Mills Inc. Feed Mill

The mill was built in 1872. Its name was taken from the area where it was located. The mill operated continuously for 120 years, until it was destroyed by fire in January 1995.

Federal Service


This service station was owned and operated by the late John Stine, formerly of McVeytown, and in later years, a resident of Lewistown. A 1926 Pontiac is on the ramp, and Stine was to have purchased the car for $980.



On April 25, 1882, the decision was made to build a lockup in McVeytown. The building would measure 10-feet by 12-feet, and was to contain a central hall with a cell on either side, containing only a wooden bench. A stove would be located in the hall. The lockup was used until 1933. In 1974, the building was restored. It was moved in 2000 to the McVeytown Borough Building grounds.

Stevenson Pump

This very unique pump was used by some early residents in McVeytown to supply their drinking water, and also for cooking.

White’s Garage

This business was established in 1934 by Jim White. Here, many of the town’s men gathered to share tales and news of the day, as well as a fill up of gas or an oil change. White owned and operated the business until his death in 1973.

Mansion House Hotel

The Mansion House Hotel was built in 1820, and was located on the river side of Water Street. This building had what looked like plastered ends and front, with wood addition in the rear. It had beautiful decorative ironwork imported from France on the second floor. The once beautiful building was demolished in 1968.


Mattawana Bridges

The bridges were constructed in 1835, and were damaged in 1843. In 1984-5, the bridges were demolished and new bridges were built to connect McVeytown and Mattawana.

Juniata River

This picture was taken looking northeast toward Lewistown in 1985, when the new bridges were being constructed. The waterway has carried the floodwaters of 1889, 1936, 1972 and Valentine’s Day Flood of Feb. 14, 1984. Many folks enjoy fishing in the river, swimming and boating.