Public is invited to visit camp on Legacy Day


Sentinel reporter

POE VALLEY – Bill Marcum, the grandson of the foreman who ran the Civilian Conservation Corps camp at Poe Valley from 1933 to 1941 is holding a Legacy Day event on Aug. 24 at the park.

Marcum has been holding these events for the past several years and hopes to continue to attract new people who are interested in learning about the history of the camp.

Everyone is welcome to attend this free event, including CCC veterans, their relatives and history buffs.

“In many cases people are not aware of what their family members were a part of,” Marcum said.

Marcum has a mountain of information about the CCC and the Poe Valley camp. He plans to present a photo history of the camp and encourages anyone wishing to attend to bring any memorabilia they wish to share with others.

In the past, Marcum’s Legacy Days have been well received, with 50 to 70 people attending.

“It’s mostly relatives,” he added.

Marcum said he hopes to attract new people this year.

Three years ago, Marcum looked into the crowd at the Legacy Day event and recognized a woman with whom he went to high school. After talking for a bit he realized his grandfather and her father worked side by side at the camp.

“I’ve been able to give her photos that she didn’t have. That’s why I do this,” Marcum said, adding that his photo is on the flyer for this years Legacy Day announcement.