Woman teaches Biblical history of oils

MILLERSTOWN – A Thompsontown woman is teaching about the healthful effects and biblical history of natural oils.

Wendy Kerstetter presented doTERRA oils – certified pure therapeutic-grade oils – during a class held Feb. 1 at Central Baptist Church in Millerstown, where her husband, Jeremy, is pastor.

Kerstetter admitted she was never one to pursue natural remedies. In fact, she was skeptical about the idea.

The oils were recommended to her by a woman from the church as a remedy to soothe her hyper-active thyroid and chronic migraines.

“My choices were to have my thyroid destroyed and be on medicine all of my life,” she said.

Kerstetter agreed to try the oils and began a gluten-free diet.

“(The oils) got rid of it, and I felt so much better,” she said, adding that she has not had a migraine since March of last year.

Kerstetter said she began researching to make sure she was using a safe method. Her faith played a large role as she prayed about her experiences. She attended another class that examined the biblical aspects of oils and brought Jeremy along to help determine biblical accuracy.

“It was right on,” she said.

Kerstetter said she grew up in a Christian home and read the Bible, but she always glossed over the essential oils of the Bible.

She referenced Exodus 30:22-25 where a holy anointing oil was used that included cinnamon, cassia, calamus and olive oil.

“This is what the priests used to set apart Aaron and his healing ministry,” she said.

The oil they used at that time was so powerful, she said, that MRSA, a staph infection, could not survive in its presence.

Many people are familiar with the reference of frankincense and myrrh that was given to the baby Jesus. Frankincense was used to anoint newborn kings – which is why it was given to Jesus. It also happens to be good for arthritis, Kerstetter said.

Cassia oil also is mentioned in the Bible as an anointing oil. Kerstetter explained it is good for the immune system, cleaning purposes and “for the emotions.”

Kerstetter said King Solomon, who is known for his wisdom, used cedar wood oil to line his temple and personal palace. The oil is used to increase mental focus and clarity, as well as to help with brain issues, eczema and other skin problems.

“It is mentioned in I Kings how he used it from the floor to the ceiling,” she said.

Kerstetter said her relationship with God was the most important avenue to which she turned as she researched healthful benefits. She said God created all oils inside plants during his creation of Eden.

“I read all of these passages over and over,” she explained. “It made the Bible come alive for me.”

She also said she would never have been convinced of the effectiveness of oils in tiny, glass bottles if it were not for the fact that they helped her family.

She said her two children do not like to take medicine. There are times she has used basil oil for an earache or peppermint for a headache or fever.

“When the kids are sick, it makes it a lot less traumatic,” she said.

Still, she stresses she is not a medical professional and is not “anti-doctor.” She said she still takes her children to the doctor and uses medicine when necessary.

For more information about the biblical relevance of natural oils, call Wendy Kerstetter at 535-0039 or email wskerstetter@gmail.com.