HARRISBURG – Youth from the Mifflin County 4-H Horse and Pony Club recently participated in the annual State 4-H Horse Show in Harrisburg.

Youth from all over Pennsylvania came to the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex Oct. 24 to 27 to show with the best in the state to see who the champions would be.

A variety of classes are offered -from in hand classes to riding classes. Thirteen youth from Mifflin County showed in 30 classes. Some were seasoned, and others were first timers at this level of showing.

County club leader Jessyca Hughes, owner of Hidden Trails Stables in Lewistown, said the kids started the weekend of showing off great.

“I think the kids are doing well so far overall,” Hughes said. “Mifflin usually does well in the gaming classes, but we have kids showing all weekend.”

The 13 riders for Mifflin showed over the three day period. As of Friday, the only official results available to The Sentinel were those from Oct. 25. Classes on Oct. 25 consisted of halter classes with young horses, English riding classes, and Western contest classes.

Four kids showed young horses in the production classes. These classes work with horses that range in age and gender: colts and geldings of this year, fillies of this year, yearling geldings, yearling fillies, 2-year-old geldings, 2-year-old fillies, 3-year-old geldings and 3-year-old fillies.

The classes are also separated between breeds of horses.

Laura Keller, of Lewistown, placed first with her Stock Type Horse, yearling filly Delta’s Rockstar.

Sabrina Boring, of Belleville, placed seventh with her Quarter Horse, 3-year-old gelding PSU CJs Kuel Step.

Daphne Snook, of Reedsville, showed two grade, not able to be registered, Miniature Horses – one a 3-year-old gelding named Mini Gates Hello Buck, and a 2-year-old filly named Heavens Halo.

Snook did not place with her gelding and results were not available for the class with her filly.

Alexus Hartman, of McClure, showed a registered Miniature Horse 3-year-old gelding named Atilla the Dun, and a grade Miniature Horse filly of this year named RTS Shady Side Beauty is She. Hartman placed second with her filly and results were not available for the class with her gelding.

“We have a lot of first year members this year,” Hughes said. “This show is a great learning experience not only for the kids, but also for the young horses.”

Oct. 25, on completion of the production classes, the western contest classes started. These classes are based on the speed of the horse. The rider received a time as long as they did not break one of the many rules in the State 4-H rule book that is issued to all riders at the start of the show season.

Eight riders from Mifflin County competed in the following events: Pole Bending Horse – senior or junior rider; Pole Bending Ponies; Barrel Race Horse – senior or junior rider; Barrel Race Ponies; Raised Box Keyhole Horse – senior or junior rider; Raised Box Keyhole Ponies.

Boring showed Out Smokin Hickory in Barrel Race Horses Senior and Raised Box Keyhole Horses rider, for both.

Boring placed eight in the Barrel Race, with a time of 18.702 seconds, and placed first in Raised Box Keyhole.

Kristyn Byler, of Belleville, showed Mika in Pole Bending Horses and Barrel Race Horses junior, for both. Byler placed ninth in Pole Bending, with a time of 26.941 seconds and eight in Barrel Race with a time of 19.659 seconds.

Savanna Hesketh, of Huntingdon, showed Izzy in Pole Bending Ponies and Barrel Race Ponies. Hesketh said she was really nervous going into her two events, but had two very nice runs. Hesketh placed 10th in Pole Bending with a time of 24.124 seconds and did not place in Barrel Race.

“I was a little bit depressed after my barrel run,” Hesketh said. “I am pleased, though, with how I did. 4-H is fun and I wish more people were able to be a part of it.”

Savanna’s sister, Baylee Hesketh, of Huntingdon, showed her horse, Cinnamon, in Raised Box Keyhole Horses Junior and placed fourth with a time of 9.560 seconds. Baylee said after her run, that prior to the show she was practicing a lot and it really paid off.

“I was not really nervous,” Baylee said. “Although I do feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that this is done.”

Savanna and Baylee’s father, Scott Hesketh, of Belleville, said he is proud of both of his daughters and how they rode.

LeAnna Baker, of Reedsville, showed Shamy, in Raised Box Keyhole Ponies and placed second with a time of 9.263 seconds. Baker was excited to know that her hard work over the year paid off and said she owed a lot of that to Shamy’s owners.

“This success is in part his owners Christie Weaver and Kathy Morder, both of Lewistown,” Baker said.

Baker’s mother, Holly Baker, said it is really exciting to see how well LeAnna did.

“This is her first year showing in general,” Holly said. “Seeing how far she has come in this short amount of time is amazing.”

Also showing in the contest classes, but not placing included: Brenna Shilling, showing Ice in Pole Bending Horses Senior; Hunter Reed, showing Blue in Barrel Race Horses Junior; Aubrey Hughes, showing Mambo No. 5 in Barrel Race Ponies.

Also showing over the weekend, with no official results:

Braden St. Clair, of Lewistown, showing Lexingtons Pik in Hunter Hack Horses, English Pleasure Futurity 4-year-olds, Low Working Hunter Horses, and Classic Hunter Under Saddle Horses

Hartman, showed I’m Downright Special in Hunter Hack Ponies, Open Trail Ponies, Low Working Hunter Ponies, Hunter Under Saddle Large Ponies, and English Grooming and Showmanship Junior

Hartman also showed Atilla the Dun in Miniature Horse In-Hand Trail

Reed also showed Blue in Open Trail Horses Junior and Western Grooming and Showmanship Junior

Grace Maidens, of Belleville, showed Unbridled Dream in English Grooming and Showmanship Junior

Jessyca said the changes to the state show program, coming next year, will help the classes and make a better playing field for the youth showing.

“I see the biggest help in the separation of junior and senior in the pony classes,” Jessyca said. “It will prevent the 8-year-old first time showers from competing against seniors in their last year of showing.”

She also said each year the group is a fun competitive group and they have fun every year.

Full results will be available at The show is held every year toward the end of October, however with the separation of the production and regular performance classes next year into two separate shows, the date is yet to be determined.