MCHS grad publishes short self-help book

LEWISTOWN – Nihar Suthar hit the ground running after graduating from Mifflin County High School last year and recently published a self help book entitled “Win No Matter What.”

Suthar said it’s a short book, 74 pages filled with inspirational stories so people can try to “get the most out of each day.”

Suthar said that short books such as his, are a part of recent trend in the book publishing industry.

The book was published in May and is available online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Suthar said if the book sells well, it will be made available at Barnes and Noble bookstores as well.

“Writing this book made me discover a new side of myself. I didn’t know I could even write that well and I had no idea I even enjoyed it so much! It was really interesting,” Suthar said.

Suthar said the funny thing is that he actually doesn’t read much. He is an economics and finance type of guy, so he finds it weird that he doesn’t really have a favorite author, but then decided to write a book.

“We are donating a portion of all the book sale profits to the Acumen fund, an international charity that invests in solutions to combat global poverty,” Suthar added.

When asked what he hopes people will get out of his book, Suthar said he hopes that people will follow their passions and imbibe the different tips and strategies from the book in their lives to make each day better.

“Pramukh Swami, an Indian saint was one person who served as an inspiration to me. He was the inspiration behind building a temple in India that is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest Indian temple in the world, and even after such an accomplishment, he remains extremely humble and satisfied,” Suthar said.

Suthar said his friends and family have been extremely supportive.

“My friends have all bought the book and been really awesome, and my family as well has been supporting me throughout the entire process. They think it is great,” Suthar said.

Suthar’s positive outlook on life has allowed him to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. At present Suthar is at New York University where he just finished his freshmen year. He will soon transfer to Cornell.

“It’s quite the change from Lewistown,” Suthar said.

Suthar currently has an internship for one of the hottest startup companies in New York a real estate digital technology company, Honest Building. In addition, he has started his own company, “Hype-Up Your Day.”

“We send in trainers and speakers into corporations and schools in order to increase employee and student morale, productivity and engagement,” Suthar said.

When asked what advice he would give to people, he said simply “redefine possible.”