Vintage Cookery

One of my favorite springtime recipes is a simple cucumber and onion mixture made frequently by my maternal grandmother.

I’m not sure why I associate it with spring, but I love to have it at this time of year.

I was thinking about that simple dish on Easter, when my thoughts also turned to the more elaborate Easter bread my paternal grandmother used to make.

Thus, the theme for The Sentinel’s next cookbook was born.

I thought “Vintage Cookery” sounded like a quaint title for a cookbook that would feature handed down recipes – from your mother, grandmother or whomever. They are surely your family favorites, so why not share them with everyone!

Regular Sentinel cookbook readers have told me that they love reading the stories behind the recipes, so please feel free to include a paragraph or two about the recipes you submit, or about the person who handed the recipe down to you. Photos may be included for possible publication.

I’m going to go through my recipe box and I promise to include some of the recipes that have been handed down to me in this special cookbook. I’m looking forward to seeing yours, too!

‘Vintage Cookery” will be published on May 22, and the deadline for submissions is May 3.

Categories are:

From the Garden -How do you use your fruits and vegetables?

Everyday Favorites -Your best go-to recipes.

Company’s Coming -Special recipes for special times.

Desserts -Family favorites.

As usual, one recipe will be randomly selected from each category to win a $50 prize when the cookbook is published.

Here are some guidelines for submitting recipes:

You may enter any and all categories, but please limit the number of recipes you send to three per category. If you send more, I’ll pick three to use in the cookbook and the rest will be used only as space allows.

You may use the entry form printed on the Food page or you may use other pieces of paper. Please type or neatly print your recipes. If you email your recipes, please spell out fractions (such as, one-third, rather than 1/3).

Please try to avoid using brand names in your recipes unless it is crucial to use a particular brand.

Submit entries any time before May 3 to allow time for typesetting before the cookbook is published.

There are many ways to submit recipes:

Mail to Jane Cannon Mort, The Sentinel, P.O. Box 588, Lewistown, PA 17044;

Email to:;

Visit, click on “Submit news” at the top of the page and click on Cookbook Entries under the Food heading to submit via the Virtual Newsroom;

Fax recipes to 248-3481;

Drop off entries at the office in Lewistown.

For more information, please call me at The Sentinel, 248-6741, or send me an email at