Musical ministry

MCALISTERVILLE A local sibling duo is sincere about their music ministry.

Tyson Heimbach, 22, and Tonya Heimbach, 19, make up the band Sine Cera. The band name is the root word for the term “sincere.”

“We write about and play what is our passion in life, which is our faith,” said Tyson, whose sincerity in getting the word out about his band led Sine Cera to a record deal with Tate Music Group, of Oklahoma City, Okla.

The band from McAlisterville began two years ago with a lead singer, guitar player, Tyson on drums and Tonya on guitar. When the other two bandmates took new directions in life, Sine Cera was put on hold.

Tyson is friends with local Christian musician Isaac Hassinger, also known as Apollo J. Sine Cera began performing in concerts with him last year, making their music known in the Juniata County area. Tonya stepped in as lead singer and Tyson remained on drums.

They recorded a demo album, “Falling Apart,” in Tyson’s apartment studio. Tyson made every effort to get the CD into the hands of as many recording companies as he could.

One day a couple months ago, Tyson received a phone call from a Pennsylvania-based recording studio offering to record their album at a price. He sent a text message to his sister to get her thoughts.

“At that moment, my phone rang, and it was Tate Music Group,” he said.

The music company had listened to their demo and wanted to sign the band. The deal included an all-expenses-paid trip, except for transportation, to the studio in Mustang, Okla., this summer.

Sine Cera will be given a producer for their album and a radio promoter who will work on getting their music on radio stations across the country.

“They want eight songs,” Tyson said, and he and Tonya are finishing up demos for 10 to be submitted.

Eight of the 10 will be chosen. The original songs have both a rock edge and some acoustic feel.

“Some of it is pretty heavy,” Tonya said of their style, but added that the music has meaning.

“Music is such an impactful thing, and a lot of it out there is no good,” she said. “If we can give good music with a positive message, then that’s what we’ll do.”

The lyrics to their music are worshipful at times and also a “plea for help” through life’s trials, Tonya shared.

Sine Cera’s next concert is set for 7 p.m. March 16 at Cornerstone Fellowship Assembly, a fairly large church on the south side of the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg. They will share the stage with Apollo J who will perform separately.

The group is still booking concerts for 2013 and looking for a bass guitarist. For more information, call 320-2930, email or visit