‘Bestest Treasures’ opens along North Main Street

Shop features re-purposed and unique decor

Sentinel photo by BUFFIE BOYER Tiffany Brought, left, and Jodi Pandel have opened their own shop, Bestest Treasures, in Reedsville to offer re-purposed and unique decor.

REEDSVILLE –Adding a personal touch to everything they create and sell makes Bestest Treasures in Reedsville a new experience every time customers visit.

Owners Jodi Pandel and Tiffany Brought enjoy adding unique touches to not only the decor they make for their own shop, but to items they purchase from other retailers, so no two things are the same.

Brought said, “Our wreaths and arrangements set us apart.”

Not only does Pandel design the wreaths and arrangements, she and Brought also enlist the help of their husbands to help make wooden furniture and picture frames, one of their biggest sellers. Some of the furniture is a duplication of furniture they see at craft shows, but again they look to improve on the original design.

The owners are also known for being able to re-purpose items such as old doors and windows into home decor.

“Some people gave us things because they knew we could do something with it,” Brought said. “We re-purpose as much as we can.”

The shop is also full of primitive, rustic, handmade and country decor. When purchasing items for the store, the ladies regard the makers of the crafts and make an effort to purchase items made in Pennsylvania or items that benefit small businesses.

The owners, who have been friends for 21 years and have always shared the same interests, enjoyed traveling around the county to other craft shops over the years, but noticed a decline in the shops.

“We love this stuff,” Brought said. “We would say we could make this stuff.”

In May 2015, the ladies started making and sharing their own crafts to sell at shows around the region with customers asking if they had a permanent location or a place to pick up orders. To answer the customers’ wants and needs, the shop was opened on Sept. 2 on Main Street in Reedsville.

They are also enjoying their location and being part of the movement to update Reedsville.

Located at 22 North Main St., Reedsville, the hours of operation are 2-7 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday; 2-8 p.m. Friday; 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. Extended holidays hours include 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays through Dec. 18.

For more information, call 543-3807 or visit the Facebook page.