New registration applications, information on law available

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced Wednesday that the new application for registering a tanning facility with the department is now available on the department’s website along with a frequently asked questions document and additional information about the new law.

Act 41 of 2014, also known as the Indoor Tanning Regulation Act, took effect on July 7 and dictates that an individual, corporation, partnership, proprietorship or association operating a tanning facility must apply for a certificate of registration with the department for each tanning facility location operating in the commonwealth. Any place where a tanning device is used for a fee, membership or any other compensation is considered a tanning facility.

Registration must now be completed annually. Initial registration or annual renewal fees are $150 for the first two sun lamp products, $300 for a facility operating more than two sun lamp products, plus $20 for each additional tanning bed in excess of 10 beds. There is no fee for a change in registration informa- tion.

For additional information and to download the application, visit Questions regarding the registration application can be directed to the department’s Bureau of Community Program Licensure and Certification at 783-8665. Facility inspections will begin in May 2016.