Motorsports company opens in Richfield area

RICHFIELD – A new motorsports business in Richfield is committed to making goals a reality.

FFGR Racing has been open since April along state Route 35 near Richfield. Owner and operator Neil Saner opened the business to fix and service all-terrain vehicles, utility-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, quads and motorcycles mainly Japanese models. The company also sells apparel and refurbished vehicles, and offers safety courses.

“The main purpose of FFGR is promoting safety awareness,” Saner said.

The courses help riders to understand the importance of wearing safety gear and how to handle their vehicle.

Saner, who is passionate about motorsports and safety, has many goals for the business. He is careful not to call his goals dreams.

“Dreams are just that a dream. Goals are reachable,” he said.

Saner grew up in McAlisterville. His dad was a farmer and his mom a nurse; neither was interested in their son riding dirt bikes.

But Saner had a goal in mind. He not only wanted to ride, he wanted to own a business that helped others reach that goal, too.

As he reached adulthood he actively began racing and his interest grew. He began working under the name FFGR unofficially for a few years at his former home in Richfield. He dabbled with fixing bikes here and there and intended to expand and open a shop. When fire destroyed his home a year ago, he thought that goal was lost.

He then found a home with a barn for sale on the other end of Richfield closer to the village of Evendale.

“It’s funny, because my Dad told me that when I was a kid I would jump up and down in my seat when we’d drive by there and say ‘I’m going to live there someday,'” he said.

Though Saner doesn’t actually remember saying that, he moved to the property earlier this year and worked on making the old barn his shop. The business was then “on the books.”

He officially set out a sign and opened the business in the spring, but there is still work to do, he said. By summer’s end concrete will be poured and there will be more space for the vehicles that now line the interior of the barn.

Another part of the barn will be used to showcase T-shirts and sweatshirts featuring FFGR. He will also eventually offer helmets and other safety gear. His long-term goal is to open a restaurant on site and make it motorsports themed. He said he knows it may sound far-fetched, but he is working to make it a reality one day.

The reality for some children is that they may dream of riding a bike but cannot afford one. That is why Saner works hard to repair bikes and donate them to charitable organizations when he can.

Saner said helping other kids ride, have fun and be safe at the same time is all that matters.

“I just love it,” he said.

And then there’s the name.

“It stands for Fast Fatt Guys (or Girls) Racing,” Saner said. He and another rider who happened to be 350 pounds and six-foot-five thought it would be funny if they were known as “Fast Fatt Guys.” Saner said the letters get a chuckle from people when they learn their origin.

FFGR will hold its second motorsports show from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at Millerstown Community Park. Registration cost for Show and Shine is $15 for any dirt bike, quad or UTV. Proceeds benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. The first show was held in November in Richfield.

FFGR is open from 5 to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday at 34443 state Route 35 in Richfield. The store can be contacted on Facebook or by calling 994-8108.