Giant removes hot dogs, ranch sauce from shelves after recalls

CARLISLE – After recalls by Kraft Foods and Hickory Farms Inc., Giant Food Stores have removed Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners and Hickory Farms Farmstand Recipe Chipotle Ranch Sauce from shelves. The wiener packages may contain Classic Cheese Dogs and are not labeled as containing milk. The labels on the ranch sauce also do not list milk as an ingredient on the label. The products are safe to consume for people who do not have a milk allergy.

The recalls include:

Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners in 16-ounce packages with the UPC 04470000063 and a use-by date of June 16; and

Hickory Farms Farmstand Recipe Chipotle Ranch Sauce in 9-ounce packages with the UPC 2135709957 and use by dates of Feb. 8, 2015 and earlier.

Giant Food Stores has received no reports of illnesses to date. People allergic to milk run the risk of serious or life-threatening reaction if they consume the mislabeled product.

Customers who have purchased the product should discard any unused portions and bring their purchase receipt to Giant for a full refund.

Consumers looking for additional information on the recalls may call Kraft consumer relations at (855) 688-4386, Hickory Farms consumer line at (800) 762-5558 or Giant’s customer service line at (888) 814-4268. Customers can also visit