Lewistown Cake Lady cooks up homemade desserts

LEWISTOWN – Just in time for the food-filled holiday season, The Cake Lady, of Lewistown, has opened its oven to area lovers of sweets, offering customized cakes, cupcakes and pastry trays to order.

Owner Kerry Schultz creates handmade sheet cakes, wedding cakes, traditional cupcakes, specialty cupcakes and pastry trays all in her own kitchen. Everything is completely homemade and tailored to the customer’s expectations, she said.

“I care, I really do care about my orders,” Schultz said. “I’m not afraid to scrap an entire cake and start over. I put as much time into each order as I would for my own kids or family.”

Schultz said she learned everything she knows from Pam Schultz, her mother-in-law, the original cake lady and the woman for whom the business is named. While baking together one day in October, Kerry told Pam she was going to turn this into a business. By November, Kerry was licensed and The Cake Lady had its first orders.

“I’m a fly-by-my-pants kind of person,” Kerry said. “I like the creativity of baking and I thought it would work. I posted a Facebook status and had four orders in two hours.”

Clients are invited to customize each cake by combining traditional cake flavors, along with spice, red velvet, orange, strawberry and lemon, with fillings like apple, cherry, fudge, caramel or candy. Then the cake is topped off with one of 10 icing choices.

“Everything is completely customizable,” Kerry said. “And if someone wants a flavor I don’t have, I’ll figure it out. Free consultations are available, but people usually know what they want.”

Prices run from $20 to $50, depending on the size of the cake. Cake orders should be placed at least a month ahead.

Twice a month, Kerry also creates a host of specialty cupcakes, available by ordering a week in advance. This month, she’s cooking up some Christmas cookie cupcakes with flavors like peanut butter blossom, chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, raisin filled, iced pumpkin, gingerbread, snickerdoodle, pecan sandies, peanut butter chip, oatmeal raisin and scotchies.

Cupcakes are available by the dozen at $12 for one flavor, $15 for a dozen with four flavors or $18 a dozen with five to 12 flavors.

For more information on The Cake Lady, or to order a cake, cupcakes or pastry tray, contact Kerry at 994-4830 or follow her on Twitter @LtownCakeLady. All orders can be picked up at 503 S. Grand St., Lewistown.