FroYo comes to Lewistown at area convenience store

LEWISTOWN – You scream, I scream, we all scream for frozen yogurt. The new, healthier option to ice cream, FroYo, is now available in 18 different flavors at AM/PM Mini Mart, along Electric Avenue in Lewistown.

While ice cream is known for its delicious, albeit heavily sugared and fatty taste, FroYo is made from premium frozen yogurt, low in fat and high in protein. With more than 70 different toppings, there’s an endless combination of dessert creations for customers to enjoy, said Dhanji Mistry, the owner of AM/PM Mini Mart.

“All of our flavors are made from scratch and are guilt-free with fat free or sugar free options,” Mistry said. “Everything is labeled so people know exactly what they’re eating and what’s in it. We even have an ingredient book for people to look through.”

In the area of the store dedicated to FroYo, recently expanded by 700 feet to install the frozen yogurt machines, customers take a one-size-fits-all cup, fill it to a desired level with any flavor, or even a mix of flavors, and then scoop any amount and any kind of topping on top. Price is based on weight, at 49 cents per ounce.

“I don’t want people to be afraid because something is called yogurt,” Mistry said. “It’s creamy and delicious and healthy. We have sample cups so people can try it before they buy it.”

Some of the current flavors include white chocolate mousse, sea salt caramel pretzel, creamsicle, pumpkin pie and peanut butter as well as the traditional vanilla and chocolate options. The topping bar features candy, sprinkles, gummies and sauces. Mistry plans to add fresh fruit as toppings in the summer.

“Frozen yogurt is something new and unique to the area,” Mistry said. “I tried it for the first time in New York City and was sold on it. The closest place to find something like this is State College. Customers have been so happy to find it in Lewistown.”

FroYo is available from 9 a.m. to midnight every day of the week. For more information, visit the AM/PM Mini Mart at 230 Electric Ave., Lewistown, contact the store at 248-0050 or visit the FroYo Lewistown Facebook page.