Massage, sauna practice opens doors in Burnham

BURNHAM – After practicing massage locally for the past year, Deborah Martin has opened her own practice near Burnham. Clients of Deborah’s Therapeutic Touch can enjoy massage treatments and sauna sessions in her newly renovated office.

“I really think I have the whole package here,” Martin said. “With the combination of massage and sauna treatments, people can relax, totally detox and leave completely refreshed. Client satisfaction is very important to me.”

Martin offers a variety of massage types including Swedish, medical and sport. She also specializes in arthritic massage which improves range of motion and decreases pain in targeted areas.

“I know what I’m doing and I know what other people need,” Martin said. “I can’t say that I fix or cure anything, but I can help the body to heal and teach clients the benefit of massage.”

Massages are provided in 30 minutes increments, ranging in cost from $30 to $80. A sauna session is recommended after each massage, at an additional $20.

Generally, it’s recommended that people drink water to flush out toxins after a massage, Martin said, but the use of a sauna guarantees detoxification of the whole body as it sweats out toxins, acids and metals during a 30 minute session.

“Detoxing is an important step,” Martin said. “A lot of times, just sitting in the sauna will take away any muscle pain without needing a massage.”

Benefits of the sauna also include weight loss, pain relief, skin care and improved circulation, Martin said. Therapeutic Touch offers single sauna sessions at $30 each or monthly sauna packages ranging from $120 to $200.

Deborah’s Therapeutic Massage is located at 149 Orchard Grove Ave. and operates from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For more information, visit To make an appointment, contact Martin by phone at (814) 574-5019 or through email at