New business promotes independence for seniors

LEWISTOWN – Inspired by the heart and driven by a need to help others, Ken Stuck, Ruth Ann Kephart and Lori Pfiester have started In Home Services of Central PA, a business dedicated to making life easier through daily living assistance.

The company consists of a CEO, Stuck, two directors, Kephart and Pfiester, and a host of locally hired team members that provide in-home services to local clients.

“We are a company of dedicated, conscientious, caring team members and service providers whose goal is to make life easier by providing outstanding in-home services with a sincere commitment to customer service,” Stuck said.

In Home Services of Central PA caters mostly to the senior citizen population, which makes up 35 percent of Mifflin and Juniata counties, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. The goal of the company is to create a home environment where independence is possible and a higher quality of living is achieved, Stuck said.

Rather than providing medical assistance, the focus is on assisting with daily activities such as housekeeping, cleaning, food prep, morning care, evening care, personal shopping, gardening and much more, Kephart, director of client services, said.

“We are not a medical provider and we don’t plan to be,” Kephart said. “We are providing services to make life easier.”

The services, Stuck said, are specifically designed to benefit a senior client as well as a younger client concerned about their aging parents’ well-being.

“You have the children that are out of the area, but worry about their loved ones and you have the people that want to take care of their loved ones, but have to work during the day,” Stuck said. “We can step in and help reassure them that their loved ones are getting quality service in their own home, where they want to be.”

The process begins with a phone call to Lori Pfiester, director of operational services, to discuss the assistance and services you or a loved one might need, Stuck said. She then develops an individualized assistance plan which is turned over to Kephart who then picks a team member that fits into the plan.

It’s important to make sure the chosen team member is the right fit for the client and that all services are being provided at above expectations, Kephart said. The next phase is a bit of a transition, she added.

“I go with the team member to the home for the first visit to make sure it’s a good match and that everyone is at ease,” Kephart said. “Visiting the home also allows me to check if more services are needed.”

For example, Kephart said, an out-of-town child might know that mom broke her hip, went through rehab and is ready to go back home, but maybe they didn’t know that she isn’t doing the dishes or the laundry. We can help with that, she said.

“So making life easier has many connotations,” Kephart said. “We want to help the client and the loved one, but we also want them to enjoy their time together rather than center it around the various chores that need to get done.”

In addition to serving local senior citizens, In Home Services of Central PA is also available to assist the busy professional or family on the go, Stuck said. It’s all about making life easier and providing more time for clients to spend with those they love, he added.

Though In Home Services of Central PA has not opened its Lewistown office, all services are currently available by calling (888) 881-2046 or through email at Services are provided at $18 an hour, with a three hour minimum, during the week and for $19 on the weekend.

For more information about In Home Services of Central PA, visit